Since regaining its independence from Russia at the end of the twentieth century, Riga has been working to increase tourism in the area.  As such, there has been a trend towards encouraging tourists to enjoy the festivals and other events celebrated throughout the year in Riga.  Events which travelers might enjoy include:

  • In May the biggest beer festival in Baltics will take place in Riga, Vermanes garden. In addition to a wide variety of beer, the festival will offer an exciting programme of events. Every brewery will offer food as well as beer.
  • Gadatirgus Arts and Crafts Fair happens the first week of June and tourists often come to enjoy purchasing local handicrafts.
  • Riga International Fantasy Film Festival ( ) takes place in July of each year and is enjoyed by filmmakers as well as fans of film.
  • UniCon festival ) takes place every summer and the goal is to gather together people of different ages and different hobbies. During the two-day festival board games and computer games tournaments are held, dance and cosplay performances, various presentations and much more.
  • Rigas Ritmi ( ) is an international music festival which takes place in Riga during the summer, showcasing the best of local music over the course of a week.
  • The International Festival of Organ Music is a June event enjoyed by musicians and music aficionados as well as by tourists who simply want to experience a bit of the musical culture which is so important to the people of Riga.