Tavira is a small fishing village situated in the south of the Algarve, about 30-45mins drive East from Faro Airport. The architecture including the churches are some of the most impressive in the Algarve and date back to 2.000 BC. After the earthquake in 1755 most of its buildings were destroyed but have since been rebuilt with many fine 18th Century buildings along with its 37 churches. Igreja de Santa Mario do Castelo (near the castle.. and also the castle) are a must visit.
A Roman Bridge marks the spot where the River Gilão and the River Ségua meet. There are so many fascinating stories and so much interesting history to be discovered in this wonderful, picturesque town.
Along with the great day life of visiting sights of interest and going to the reknown Ilha da Tavira (Tavira Island) the great beach reached by ferry from the centre of town, the town also compramises a great night life. From quiet portuguese bars, to traditional Irish bars to nightclubs and discos.. there is something for everybody!