New Zealands quaint french village is gorgeous. Believe its a tender port for the cruise ships, however on the day visited none were there so probably had the best of strolls around the village. Driving to the village from Christchurch was a very beautiful scenic drive in about 1 to 1 1/2 hours in length and with plenty of photo opportunities. The traffic isn't very heavy either so you can enjoy the drive.

 Once arriving and obtaining a car space near the bay, its a very short stroll to the main street where you can pop in and out to the many little shops lining the street - which are all sign-posted with french names and makes it all the more 'french'  The view from the waters edge which was like a mirrored lake with the mountains on the other side of the bay reflected in it are magnificent and look just like a painting and are even more so when you download your shots and see them on a big screen, you couldn't take a bad shot here unless you left the lens cap on the camera.

 A walk around the bay sees plenty of tourists at the hotels and on the verandahs at the front all enjoying themselves. The buildings are also quaint. Best of all was a little cafe which was up a long path lined with lavender plants, in bloom, nice little small table and two chairs groupings scattered around the vast front  lawn for couples to have refreshments. And the refreshments were beautiful, all home made cakes etc and you would not go past a better place to sit and relax. If you didn't want to go on any of the organised tours, you can certainly spend a whole day wandering around this beautiful little village. The gift shops also have some nice unusual stock.

So to any day-trippers or cruise people don't worry about the organised tours unless it is something specific you were wanting to do as the small township of Akaroa is great and has plenty to see. Would definitely go back and wish there was more time to spend there this day