The farm tour, that's offered by Murray Johns, can be booked as a attraction itself, or as part of a longer stay at Paua Bay Farm, as this is a bed and breakfast, too. Thanks to Murray, his knowledge and his capability of telling historical facts in such a exciting way, this farm tour offeres much more than just touching a sheep. It makes one see, how farm life has been in former times, which challenges it had to face and how it has changed nowadays. You also hear about the sheep shearing business and after been able to shear a sheep with Murrays help, you learn, that this is not as easy as it looks like. After this funny experience you go to see the dogs. Murray explaines the different types and their functions and makes them working. In the end, you can try to seperate some sheep, what is great fun. Afterwards, you are taken down to the farmhouse, where you can stroll around the lovely garden with its abundance of different flowers and plants and romantic places. On your walk , you may meet the two cats, hens and pigeons. As another highlight you get invited to step inside the beautiful old farm house, where Sue welcomes you with her delicious homemade scones, a cup of tea and a lot of hilerious stories. This experience is unforgettable and shows you the “real” New Zealand.