Tubing in AZ


If you’re visiting or live in Phoenix tubing can be a fun little excursion. Salt River Recreation offers tubing down the Salt River in Mesa, AZ. No matter where you are in Phoenix, Salt River Recreation is a lot closer than anywhere else that will get you this much fun or cool! Salt River Tubing is located in northeast Mesa,15 miles north of U.S. 60 on Power Road.

Here’s the plan for getting the maximum fun out of the tubing experience.  Get 4 people.  Tell them to wear bathing suits, with T-shirts an old sneakers/shoes that can get wet.  Stop on the way to the river and pick up 5 or 6 subs and some other snacks….and get some sunblock.  Fill your cooler with beer!!!  When you arrive at the facility rent 5 tubes.  Jump on the bus that drives you to the top of the river.  Tie each person’s tube to the extra tube so that you have a circle.  Stabilize the cooler with beer and food on the center tube.  Enjoy the trip down.  What makes the salt river fun is that it is in a canyon and the views are breathtaking and the experience is relaxing.  Also, there are sections of the river with some decent rapids which adds flare. 

Remember to drink responsibly and don’t litter.  The river can get very ugly when littered with cans and trash.  Pickup after your own party; and help by picking up after some of the others.  If you can’t swim use a life-vest while tubing.  Take sun-lotion and use it “several times” while being out on the river.   Don’t drink and drive!  Play safe, be safe, and enjoy another trip.