The culture in Arizona is very unique in that it combines the outdoors beauty, the native American and Hispanic cultures with a southwestern touch. Arizona is great for people who enjoy outdoor activities. The locals are very much into hiking, biking, camping , golf and anything that involves being outside. Because there is so much focus on the landscape, restaurants offer large patios and healthy cuisine.  The mountains, desert, sunset and sky are really breathtaking and should be experienced by all travelers in the area.

 The Native American culture is a large part of Arizona. There are many different reservations and if you get a chance to see a Native American festival, you should definitely take it. There costumes, dance, music and art are one of a kind and very beautiful. The reservations often get a bad reputations because of poverty, gambling and alcohol.

The Mexican culture is also very strong and there are always large Hispanic neighborhoods in each city. The store will sell everything from traditional pottery and clothes to jewelry. Also, there areas are some of the best for real authentic Mexican food. There are often Mexican fiestas with dancing and music and can be fun to see.