The majority of New Jersey has a moderate climate, and could be considered a year round destination.  However, most people tend to visit during the milder months surrounding the middle of summer. 

            On average, throughout most of New Jersey, the months of July and August are the hottest.  Not only this, but these months are also the most humid, causing the temperatures to seem higher than the thermometer reads.  The average high temperatures during these months will reach the upper 80’s during the daytime and drop to the mid 60’s during the nights.  Throughout most of New Jersey,  on average the coldest months of the year are January and February, during which time the high temperatures will usually be somewhere in the upper 30’s to lower 40’s, and the lows will drop to the upper teens and lower 20’s. 

            For detailed information about New Jerseys climate, visit the City Data New Jersey Page.

            Weather should not be the only consideration when planning a trip to New Jersey.  Throughout the year, many cities in this state host festivals and events that are worth checking out.  For an events calendar for based on specified cities, check out Happenings in New Jersey.