Food and Dining - Where to Eat Authentic and Healthy Foods Instead of Chain Restaurants

New York City is home to the most diverse population in the world, with small and large communities from people all across the world calling it home.  It is truly an international city, which gives us the opportunity to see the world’s cuisine all in one city.  In Manhattan alone, there are over 2,000 restaurants.  It would take you almost 18 years, eating three meals a day, to try every restaurant in New York City. 

The biggest complaint that most tourists have, especially the ones that stay in midtown, is that they failed to find really authentic New York City food, and instead they fell victim to the advertising power, convenience, and comfort of well recognized brands from Fast food to chain restaurants.  Moreover, because these restaurants are in midtown, they charge higher prices because of the real estate they occupy.  The good news is that even in midtown Manhattan, there are great authentic New York City Restaurants, and across Manhattan and the other boroughs, there are some incredible local and international flavors. 

There are a couple of ways to get out of the trap of chain restaurants and have a great authentic New York City dining experience whatever your budget:

* High End Dining: If you don’t use your concierge for anything else, you must use them to help you plan your dining experiences in New York City.  They have eaten at all of the high end restaurants in the city, and it is their job to be food critics.  The best chefs in the world come to New York City, and these restaurants are also the hardest to get into, especially during peak hours.  Some restaurants require bookings over a month out, and unless you use a concierge, you will not be able to get in, even with plenty of lead time.  The concierges have relationships with these restaurants, and you must use them to get reservations.
* Budget Dining: Even if you are not trying to get into the top restaurants in New York City, whatever your budget, you should ask concierges where to go to get a taste of real New York.  Concierges are experts in all dining advice, and again, we ask that you use their advice and reserve a table through them.  You can usually find a great local restaurant at around the same price that you would pay at most chain restaurants through your concierge. 
* New York City Brunches.  One of the best treats in New York City is the brunch fare you can find at restaurants across the city on the weekends.  If you plan a late night out, Brunch is a perfect way to start the next day.  Brunches generally start at 11 am and go until 2 – 4 pm.  The best restaurants for Brunch are French or European restaurants that cover New York City.  Concierges will be able to help you find a brunch spot to fit your budget.
* Food Tours.  For those who want to have a great introduction into New York City Cuisine, a great way to do this is to find a local tour company that offers food tours.     These tours generally go between various local food stands and small restaurants and allow guests to sample a whole array of local cuisine.  If you do one of these tours in the area around where you are staying, you will find wonderful local food stands that will give you a compelling alternative to fast food and chain restaurants when you are looking for a quick bite to eat to go in the middle of your sightseeing.  New York City has companies that offer everything from international food tours, to pizza tours.  You can find these tours either on foot or with companies that use buses to get around to the best food spots in New York City.  We ask again that you consult with and your local concierge to find the best tour companies for these tours.