For the next year (until Feburary 2009) Ford's Theater is closed to the public while the building undergoes major renovation.  While dissapointing to many visitors... there are other Lincoln sites and activities to see.

 First, the house that Lincoln used as a Summer retreat just opened to the public.  To see the fully restored 'Old Soldier's Home' it is best to buy tickets in advance from the National Park Service website:

The Peterson Boarding house, right across the street from Ford's Theater is still open and free to the public.  The National Park Service has the house decorated as it might have looked in 1865 when the President spent his last hours in the back bedroom.

 The Smithsonian American Art Museum has an exhibit called :The Honor of Your Company Is Requested: President Lincoln's Inaugural Ball.  The exhibit runs clear through January 2010.  The exhibit focuses on the March 6, 1865 party that was held in the current American Art Museum building.

 In addition to the Lincoln Memorial on the Mall, tell your tour guide to take you to Lincoln Park on Capitol Hill.  Here you will find a statued that was dedicated in 1876 in which the sixteenth President is shown holding his Emancipation Proclomation.  Fredrick Douglas was on hand to give honorary remarks when the statue was first unvieled.