The House of the Temple is the headquarters of a Masonic organization known as the Scottish Rite, that offers additional degrees numbered 4 to 32 with an honorary 33rd degree.  Contrary to rumors, this building is in no sense the Masonic "Capitol" of the United States.  Indeed, the Scottish Rite is divided into northern and southern districts and Masonic lodges are organized by a body within each state.

The House of the Temple is a notable example of architecture and fine craftsmanship from the early 20th century.  One encounters beautiful marble and stonework, as well as, fine bronze and furniture.  All are sadly things that cannot be duplicated in this age.

Visitors are conducted on a tour that begins in a rather serious looking lobby with Greek ornament and then proceeds up the grand stairway to the main meeting room.  This prinicpal room lies under the pyramidal roof one sees from the exterior and is lavishly furnished.  A smaller meeting room, library, and exhibition space are also shown on the tour.

The House of the Temple has a rather striking exterior appearance in the area of townhouses and mansions near Dupont Circle.

House of the Temple