If you want to ski, Aspen in the winter is the ideal place to go.  From December to April, temperatures stay chill enough to optimize vacation on the slopes.  Snows are heavier than half a foot during these times, and temperatures rarely average over the twenties.  Expects crowds, however, as millions of ski machines worldwide flock to the region during this time.  Plan your itinerary in advance.

Aspen Mountain itself opens in late November and closes in mid-April.  The Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk slopes are open less, from early December to early April, so make plans and reservations in advance.

All of the above in no way implies that Aspen is only worth checking out for the skis and the snow.  In the summer and fall seasons, when there are fewer tourists and fur coats, the city is gorgeous, as are the trails.  Scenic hikes amidst colorful trees can provide the perfect getaway for the tourist who prefers to travel light.  Summer weather rarely ever breaks 80 degrees, making for comfortable walks and other outdoor activity.

Supplement the outdoors activity with some relaxation: the Aspen film festival occurs at the close of September and promises a satisfying cultural experience.  The city’s summer music festival also brings in many guest performers and even political speakers like John McCain.