Getting around in Aspen is surprisingly easy, given the city’s location high up in the middle of a cold nowhere.  Flying in and out of the city is generally an indirect adventure, with individuals coming in from cities other than Denver, Los Angeles, Memphis, Minneapolis, or Phoenix unlikely to be landing or leaving from the city’s tiny airport.

Should you use a rental car during your time in Aspen and/or while hitting the mountains, your rides should be scenic and comfortable—provided you follow common sense winter road travel tips.  Have a lot of gas and food in case of an emergency situation such as a storm that may require you to stay in a heated vehicle until safety arrives.  Know where you are going and be careful for ice, poor visibility, animals, and careless pedestrians.

Or don’t take a car.  Fly into Denver or Eagle Country Regional Airport, and then from either location to Aspen, so as to not have to rely on your winterized driving wits to get in and out of the mountains.  In the summer, walk and bike and hike.  In the winter, use the city’s impressive free shuttle system that will take you to and from major mountains, shops, and spas.  Aspen, as a tourist center, lives to serve—and transport you to services.