Aurora is a place which it is possible to visit at any time of year.  This is because Aurora is a location which has a moderate temperature all throughout the year combined with nearly perpetual sunshine.  There are over three hundred days of sunshine each year in Aurora and less than fifteen inches of rain annually.  It begins snowing early in the year and it snows throughout the winter so that many people come to the area to enjoy the ski season there.  However, it is never unbearably cold and the summer temperatures are absolutely beautiful so tourists do travel there all the time.

The first snowfall takes place in late September, although it doesn’t usually stick on the ground.  Snow continues to fall, with December through February averaging just over seven inches of snow each month.  The season peaks in March when there is usually at least one foot of snowfall.  The last snowfall takes place in late spring.  Interestingly, although the most snow falls in March, the coldest month of the year is January, when the average low temperature gets down in to the teens.  The average high temperature at that time is in the forties.

During the hottest months of the year (July and August), the average high temperature is in the high eighties.  There is some rainfall during the summer but it is not excessively humid.  This is mostly a dry heat.  The average low temperature at this time is in the high fifties, making the evenings pleasantly cool throughout the season.  Additional information can be obtained at .