Seafood lovers will look forward to every meal here, and those who don't like seafood will still have plenty of options.

Lobster season runs from June 15 to February 15, and a typical lobster meal in a restaurant will cost about $30.00 USD.

Conch season runs from September 30 to July 1.  

Shrimp is available anytime of the year, although it is less frequently offered during the summer months.

Grouper, chub, and other large, local fish are always readily available.  Many tour operators offer fishing excursions in which guests can fish in the morning and cook their catch on a beach barbeque.


Visitors staying in San Pedro have easy access to a variety of beachfront restaurants that serve lunch and dinner, most with full bar service and many with evening entertainment.  Popular choices include the Blue Water Grill and Fido's.

Those staying at one of the resorts north of town have fewer options than those staying in town.  In addition to the resort restaurants at Captain Morgan's and  Belizean Shores, Caliente's north location offers Mexican food and Rendezvous serves French and Thai cuisine.

Just south of town is the small and quiet Tastes of Thailand, offering one of the island's best selections for vegetarians.