Belize is located in between Mexico and Guatemala, surrounded by small islands called Cayes. In the north, the land is swampy. In the north there is a lot of sugar production. In the Southwest of Belize city, the land is more mountainous. This is where the Mountain Pine Ridge is located, 305-914 meters above sea level. In the south, there are the Maya Mountains and Cockscomb Range. There is also a verdant, tropical rainforest in the south.

 Rio Haul Canal from the belize river, runs through Belize city, which is the largest city in Belize with a population of 60,000. Twice a day, the city's distinctive swing bridge closes for approximately 20 minutes to allow sail boats to pass. In the downtown area, there are many traditional street vendors selling fruits, vegetables, arts and crafts in the squares. The former Customs Wharf area has a quaint, tourist village as well, which has developed as cruise ships dock nearby and flood the area with tourists. Here there are internet cafes, food court, shops and artisans.   Many tourists also visit Fort George with its colonial architecture, as well as craft persons and other vendors. The lighthouse at Fort George is at the mouth of the Belize River where it joins with the Caribbean, and is famous for its romantic views (to note a popular Belizean ballad has the quote: "when you meet dem young gal coming down from Fort, dey midi wap pa Baron Bliss grave".) Yarborough Cemetery is the first public cemetery in Belize, which was used from 1787 to 1850 to bury only Anglican believers, and then was opened to the public until 1896.

Just outside of Belize City, there are several points of attraction. San Pedro Ambergris Caye is a popular island to visit. Mayan ruins Altun Ha is a spectacular sight. 29 miles north of Belize City, the Belize Zoo is filled with forests, fauna, flowers and ponds, where 60 indigenous animals can be seen.