When visiting or vacationing in Placencia it is important to know where your hotel, villa, resort or house is in relation to the village and the airstrip. The airstrip is located approximately two miles north of the village center. Seine Bight Village is another two miles north of the airstrip, and Maya Beach is two miles north of that. Once you are in Maya Beach, you are still only midway up the peninsula.

If you like to stay in a village to be closer to more local restaurants, banks, food markets, shops and tourist activities, you may want to consider staying in Placencia Village. Seine Bight Village has fewer accommodations and attractions, and Maya Beach has even fewer.

Most dive operations and inland tour operators provide free pickups and dropoffs at hotels along the peninsula regardless of location.

Remember, the village is located approximately two miles south of the Airstrip so motorized transportation from your accomodations might be necessary to get there, if they are located north of the airstrip. Taxis can be expensive although they are usually available easily (with a 30-minute wait). Walking along the beach may not be practical for everyone and walking along the road can be very dusty. Bicycling is an adventure of its own, since the road can be dusty, muddy, and full of potholes.

Public busses go each direction on the peninsula 3-4 times per day. These are not always at the most convenient times, but you can save a little money by taking the bus in one direction and a taxi in the other.

Many people who choose to stay north of the airstrip rent cars so they have even more flexibility. There are only a few rental cars on the peninsula but there are many companies at the airport in Belize City.

To understand where the location of the accomodations of your potential rental is you may want to ask the reservationists the following questions, prior to making your reservation.

* Are they located south of the Airstrip or north of the Airstrip? (The road is only paved south of the airstrip.)

* Do they provide transportation to and from the airstrip? Is there a fee?

* Do they provide transportation to and from Seine Bight or Placencia? Is there a fee?

* What is the cost of a Taxi from your accomodations to Placencia Village and return?

* Where can you walk by the road or the beach? How long would it take to walk to Placencia Village?

* Are there complimentary bicycles?

If you are not careful you could be saying this:

"The property is about 12 miles from the city hence a  $30  each way taxi ride. The taxi ride is jarring and the road too rough for a bicycle."

If you feel that you will only be using the facilities at your Hotel, Villa, Resort or House and not the Village, then location in relation to the Village is not important. But since the Village provides such a wonderful array of culture, eating establishments and water activities, it may be one of the most important questions you ask.

 Placencia Village is wonderful. Enjoy all it has to offer.  And, remember, it's located on the beach, so don't worry about staying in the Village and being isolated from the sea and the beach because Placencia Village is really just one big beach.