This tropical coastal village is the perfect place for aquatic fun. The cays along the shore (such as Laughing Bird, Silk or Moho) have mild waves and shallow waters that are suitable even for beginning swimmers. A variety of marine life such as parrotfish, stingrays, sea plumes and eels can all be found here.

A little further off the coast are beautiful barrier reefs for scuba diving and flats for bottom fishing. The Inner Reef (Lagoon), about 60-80 feet deep, is where many juvenile animals reside, thanks to the calmer waters. The Outer Reef, or Barrier Reef, goes as deep as 3000 feet in some places (though scuba divers are generally limited to about 100 feet, the maximum depth of visibility). There is a wider variety of adult marine life here, including lobsters, morays and eels. During the months of April to June, whale sharks, which are quite gentle and sometimes playful, can sometimes be seen. Their presence in the reefs is dependent on the spawning of Cubera snappers, which usually occurs around the third quarter of every moon phase (right after the full moon).

You can also rent a kayak and explore some of the lagoons here. For those inexperienced with boats and wetsuits, lessons for activities such as snorkeling and kayaking are available from some of the sports rental equipment stores.

If you're a cyclist, Placencia is a great place to ride your bike. It's all flat, the drivers are respectful and it's fun to get off the main road and ride back off into some of the little side streets.