The Tuk´s tuk´s rush about, and the colourful street vendors can be some of the most pleasurable to come across in this part of the country, Panajachel has grown from the hippy era "Gringo-tenango" it has been known as.

A gate way to Lake Atitlan, Panajachel functions as the main town of the island-like seclusion of this volcanic crater lake. With all the amenities of any large, more developed village, Panajachel offers pleasant street shopping, many types of food of different culural values, high speed internet and wifi locations, and comfortable rooms of all price ranges. The nightlife can be very pleasant in this, a most multi cultural village.

But beware that about 3 years ago, the Pana sewer works went kaput, according to locals.  So in summer 2009, a stinky large pipe of liquid effluent runs right down next to the public docks in Pana and directly into the lake--untreated.  You might consider a hotel farther from Pana, and definitely should not be swimming or kayaking in front of the Pana shoreline.  Beware also of young men taking control of your bags and trying to whisk them to a waiting boat which, of course, is only available for private hire.  Hold out for the next public boat if you desire, which costs about 25Q instead of 200Q.