The Casa K' Inich Maya Interactive Museum is located within the walls of the newly renovated Fuerte Cabanas - locally known as The Cuartel. The museum offers a great introduction for all ages to Maya history and culture, presented in an easy to understand style.  The museum is especially geared for kids, but it is suitable for any age. The museum is open every day from 8am - 12pm and 1pm - 5pm, Admission is $1 for adults, kids get in free.  From the Old Fort there are great views down to the village center of Copan and lovely  views of the Copan River Valley.  Climb up to the metal ladder to the watchtowers for the best views.  The old fort has received a loving restoration and it's massive, stark white walls, guard towers a a large common area within, are testament to its former use as a military barracks and prison back in the mid 20th century. Architecturally speaking, this is probably one of the most significant, historic  buildings in the village. The Cuartel is located a 4 block walk up hill from the Central Park, just follow the street that rises from Cafe Welchez. It's a lovely walk and probably the most picturesque street in this quaint , laid back village.