As the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa is full of museums that mark the nation's history and culture. The architecture of the city is a museum in itself. Impressive and beautiful baroque architecture dating back to the 1700s is a major highlight. The oldest church is worth a look too of course, the San Francisco Church most likely dates back to the late 1500s.

To begin a more formal approach to the history however, a museum will walk you through with the facts. The Sala Bancatlan boasts an amazing collection of artifacts of this region dating back to pre-history. Art, ancient coins, and other historic artifacts are on permanent display. Similar to this is the Museo del Homre which also hosts a large exhibit of ancient artifacts from the history of man in Honduras and environs. If that's not enough, the Museo Nacional Villaroy is another great choice and highlights archaeological artifacts and has exhibits on natural history.

While in the capital visitors have the perfect chance to learn more about the political structure of Honduras. The Museo Historico de la Republica is the perfect place to do so. Located in the old presidential palace, the building alone marks a major piece of the country's old regime.

The art buffs will enjoy the city and country's biggest collection of art at the National Museum of Art.