Life in Athens is dominated by the University of Georgia.  Without the university and its students, Athens would be very different.  So, of course, when there are college students, there are going to be cheapie places to eat.  But this doesn't mean these places aren't good. . In fact, many of them are great!


Agua Linda Restaurant - This is possibly the best Mexican restaurant in town.  Great burritos and generous portions have made this a great spot for students, families and anyone in between.  Always seems busy, but not so busy so you can't get a table.  Good salsa too.

Gyro Wrap - located in downtown Athens.  Great gyros with various fillings (lamb. chicken, falafal)  Good food for a good price.

The Grill - also located in Downtown Athens and open 24 hours a day.  A great place to go after the bars close, but good anytime.  Big, thick hamburgers and thick cut french fries.  A good selection of vegetarian foods too.  Try the feta cheese sauce with a meal.  Get cherry or vanilla mixed with your soft drink.  The milkshakes and malts are very good too.

Last Resort Grill- Maybe the best restauant in Athens.  Has been reviewed in various magazines.  A somewhat eclectic menu containing various items from fried green tomatoes to stuffed chicken with a walnut sauce.  Appetizers generally run around $6 and main courses can run around $15 but can be cheaper or more expensive depending on dish.  Great homemade salad dressings make the salads a popular choice too.  Only had dessert there once, but the cheesecake was great.  A great restaurant that's not overpriced.

 Weaver D's - Athens' famous, yet still somewhat hidden treasure. REM's album "Automatic for the People" was named after the slogan on Weaver's sign. Open Monday through Saturday for lunch until however long the food lasts, Weaver serves the best soul food around. Try the fried chicken, mac 'n' cheese, and, if there's any left, the sweet potato casserole. It's amazing.

 Five Star A Day Cafe -  There are now two Five Star locations.  One downtown and the other on the East side near Kroger.  Five star sells itself as hip soul food.  Whatever it is, it's good.  Choices range from Meatloaf to Southern Fried Steak, potato cakes (which are great), daily specials, ect.  The food there seems to be great just about every time.  The one on the East side has a back room which has games and small toys, so it's great for small kids.


Marti's at Midday - If you are looking for soups, salads or sandwiches, this is the place to be.  Located in an adorable, funky house across from the Athens Regional Hospital, Marti's at Midday offers up tasty, and homemade lunch fare.  Named after friends, sandwiches come on fresh bread made homemade daily.  Personal favorites include the Mary Frances (chicken salad) and the Matthew's Favorite (turkey with garlic ailoi on homemade wheat).  Martha's salad is the most popular menu item.  The chicken gumbo rocks.  Wash it all down with some mint sweet tea and your Georgia dining experience is complete. Outstanding!

The Globe is a throw back watering hole with many draft beers available, bar munchies, burgers, and a variety of salads. Excellent ruebens. Downtown on Lumpkin. Fairly priced but there may be a wait.