The main area of safety concern for tourists visiting the Island of Hawai'i is water safety.  The number one cause of accidental death on the Island of Hawai'i is drowning.  Precautions to be taken by tourists to prevent this problem include:

·        Always swim with a partner and let others in your group know where you will be swimming and when you can be expected to return.

·        Be aware of changes in the weather.  If there are any signs of storms, get out of the water immediately.

·        Know about the critters that may be encountered.  Jellyfish and Man-of-War both have been known to sting visitors.  Visitors who feel that this may have happened should get out of the water immediately and seek medical attention.

·        Never swim out further than you can swim back.

·        Swimmers who get caught in an undertow should remember that the main thing to do is to not panic.  Go with the flow of the water and swim free, towards shore, when the grip loosens.

Storms may be harsh but tsunamis are rare and hurricanes usually pass quickly.   More information about weather in different parts of the island is available at

Beware of the downtown Hilo area (among others). There are identity theft rings, etc., working areas where tourists visit. They may break into rental cars to steal anything with i.d. from tourists (according to Hilo Police).