The most common method of getting around the Island of Hawaii is by car.  Many visitors like to take an entire day to drive around the perimeter of the Island of Hawaii.  This allows visitors to get a good feel for the different parts of the island, in terms of both the nature and the people in different areas.  Additionally, many of the sights which visitors want to see can be enjoyed on this day.  Another option is to divide the island into 3 and do 3 different drives; South from Kailua-Kona to Volcano National Park and then up to Hilo and back across via the Saddle Road; then North from Kailua to do the coast north of Hilo and then the Kohala Mountains region on a separate day.  This give you time to stop and enjoy some sights rather than pass through them in the car.  Most visitors rent cars upon arrival at the airport.  There are a number of things which visitors should know about renting and driving cars on the Island of Hawaii.  More information is available at .

Another option which many tourists use for getting around the island is to rent motorcycles or mopeds.  Visitors age sixteen and up can rent mopeds and visitors age twenty one and up can rent motorcycles.  Rental companies generally provide free helmets.  There are no helmet laws but it is highly recommended that these are worn.  Motorcycle and moped rental can be expensive but this is an excellent method of getting around the Island of Hawaii.

Visitors interested in the public transportation options available on the Island of Hawaii will find that options are limited but they can obtain more information by visiting .