Lana'i has many different types of sections, so there are varying ways of getting around. If you are in a built up area where there are a lot of resorts and hotels, you will have no trouble just walking around or using a car. The roads will be paved and kept up pretty well. There will be sidewalks and different routes for getting to different places. However, if you are staying somewhere off the beaten path or away from everything else, you will find that the roads can get a bit bumpier, and it will be a little bit harder to get around. It's not necessarily that the roads are in disrepair, but some dirt roads just aren't meant for heavy travel. Also, if you are staying at a place that is accessible by dirt road, you probably will be too far away to just walk into town on your own. You can still get around with a taxi, your own car rental, or shuttle service from the hotel or resort. You can get maps from many locations on the island, and you can get first-hand directions from people who live on the island.