Molokai is definitely a year-round destination, and overall temperatures average about 75 degrees Fahrenheit. During the winter months, from December through March, nighttime temperatures may dip into the low 60s, and the chance of rain showers are more likely. During the rest of the year, you may see daytime temperatures reach up to 85 degrees, but the cool trade winds keep it comfortable. At night, temperatures fall only to the low 70s.

The official whale season is from November through May, but your chances of catching a glimpse of the humpbacks are greatest from January through May. Surfers will want to know that surf is typically up during the winter, and most surf competitions take place on the neighboring islands from December through February.

Though Molokai never really gets crowded, there may be more visitors to the island during mid-May, when the Ka Hula Piko Festival celebrates the ancient hula. Festivities include an all-day event that incorporates dancing, music, food, local crafts, and more.