Algiers is definitely the leading destination in the entire country of Algeria, and while an interesting place, safety issues and a paucity of museums and other such attractions make the idea of a day trip all the more enticing.  Unfortunately, touring rural Algeria is not the greatest plan as terrorist attacks and other fallout from the relatively recent civil war makes traversing the rest of the state rather risky, if not impossible.

Putting up with border patrol while trying to enter and exit Niger, Libya, and Mali is also not all that enticing an adventure.  Morocco and Tunisia make for better destinations anyway, so why not check out Tunis , Rabat , Casablanca , or Fez .  Tunis is a modern city with historical sites such as the statue of Ibn Khaldoun and the ancient Medina.  Rabat is a less well-known tourist destination but still rather lively—take a look at the intricate carpets available for purchase here, as well as the city’s palace, which basically doubles as a museum dedicated to Moroccan culture.

and Marseille are easy enough to get to from Algiers by ferry, and while many people know all about the latter city, less is known about Alicante.  This Spanish locale is a wondrous area of perfect weather and pristine shores.  Alicante has a population of about 340,000 that prides itself on its rich heritage and culture—the city makes for some great sightseeing.