To get to Algiers, one can fly in from Europe and the only direct flights from the Western Hemisphere are from Montreal, Canada.  There are, however, daily incoming and outgoing services to the neighboring North African cultural centers of Tunis and Casablanca , should you find those to be easier places to get to.

Coming to Algiers by road from Tunis or Morocco is not, however, always an easy trip, given what effect recent civil woes have had on border patrol.  Getting to and from Algeria via Mauritania, Niger, Libya, and Mail is even more difficult.  Another option is ferry service from Marseille and Sete, though this is not the most affordable way to go.  Similar launch points for ferries exist in Spanish cities such as Alicante and Palma.

Heading into Algiers from other areas of the country is do-able, though visitors are discouraged from heading to rural areas of the country because they tend to be less safe .