The 'Petit Train' is a road train that traverses some of the tourist spots in Agadir. It takes approximately 50 minutes to complete and is a good way to get your bearing and decide what you would like to visit later in you stay in Agadir. It runs in daylight hours only and starts from its own kiosk at the bottom of the zoo just north of Place Al Wahda on Boulevard du 20 Aout.

 The charge is 18 dirhams per adult payable to the conductor. You will always hear it coming as It rings a bell from time to time. However it usually only stops at designated alighting places. The kind conductor may stop for you if you hail him clearly and make yourself conspicuous as the train approaches. Experience advises that usually there is no charge just to get to the centre of town described as the terminus above. As a passenger you are moving at the speed of a bicycle so take warm clothing for the cooler times of the day.

 You will get some great photo opportunities on this tour including the grounds outside the King's Summer Palace. The Petit Train passes a number of well known hotels in Agadir. In return for the fare, passengers receive a little paper ticket some 60 mm square, which the conductor tears to show the tickets have been used.

 Observation shows this tour appeals to young and old alike and all passengers will be absorbed with the everyday life being passed by at observable speed.