On the outskirts of Marrakech's city walls, and opposite the CyberPark there is a Government-run cooperative where craftsmen and women exhibit there trade, from leather making to rug making. All this is done free of charge and you are able to take pictures and understand how some of the porducts in the souks are made.

The added bonus is that whilst in the souks you have to barter to get a good price, all the products for sale in the numerous shops, have a fixed price and are non negotiable. At first it seems like you will be paying over the odds, but you have the benefit of seeing who has made your purchase, and the majority of the time they are actually cheaper than the prices you will agree on in the souks.

 It is a great place to wander to, a nice chance to the sale eager souks and at the very worst is a place you can gauge how much to spend on the rugs, throws or poufs in the souks.