Since Meknes is located on a plateau at the foot of the Middle-Atlast mountain range, the climate is continental. It can be very hot in the summer season- in fact it can be rather scorching. The summer season of heat lasts between July and August; during this time, few people languish outside and rather escape to the cool, cavern-esque restaurants or into various monuments during the height of the heat, around mid-afternoon.   In fact, one should note that most monuments close at noon and re-open after 2pm so this is a good time to beat the heat and go relax at a restaurant. When traveling in July and August, tourists should wear light, cotton clothes and something to protect one from the sun. However, even in the summer, the nights can get rather chilly, so travelers should pack sweaters or cover-ups for the night. In the winter, between December and January, it is the coolest in Meknes. In the winter months, one should plan to pack medium weight clothes (the average temperature is still around 65 to 70 during the winter).   There is a slight rainy season from November to March; however, one should not worry too much unless they wish to head to the coast; only on the coast does it rain significantly.