To be Honest, it's not worth WASTING time wandering around with too many people from your group with different interests and preferences. A private tour guide in Tangier-Morocco can show you the places most interesting to you. There are certainly tours that are cheaper than a private guide, but those are in much bigger crowds, and if you're fine with just exploring the city center and walking in crowds of bigger than 32 people, then use one of the local agencies.

With any private guide, you have to provide your own transportation to Tarifa, then they meet you at the ferry port in Tangier. If you want the personal attention and customization of doing everything you are interested in, then, a private local guide is a great way to go.

Being a tour guide is a very important job. In many cases, the tour guide is a traveller's first impression of a foreign country. In other cases a tour guide may be responsible for teaching tourists about the culture and sites in a city or town. In addition, many tour guides hold the responsibility of teaching tourists about safety. Even if the guide is only responsible for taking a tourist from the airport to his or her hotel, it is his responsibility to make the short trip interesting, informative, and safe. Check Tangier forums or activities to find the best tour guide / company for your trips .