Many TripAdvisor members ask about tipping on safari. Here are some guidelines based on many safaris to Southern Africa. Cash tips are normally given in US dollars or South African Rand. Most camps in South Africa allow tipping by credit card if you prefer not to carry cash, but it's wise to check this in advance.

 These figures represent minimum amounts -- if you receive exceptional service, a greater tip is always appreciated!

  • Rangers:  $10 per guest per day in a shared vehicle. At least double that amount per guest in a private vehicle.
  • Trackers / butlers / valets: $5 per guest per day.
  • General staff fund (for cleaners, cooks, waiters, etc): $5 per guest per day.

All tips are normally given at the end of your stay. Envelopes for tips can normally be found either in the stationery set in your suite or in the camp lounge. The general staff tip box can usually be found near the bar. Including a personal thank-you note for your ranger and tracker along with the tip is a wonderful way to thank them for the key contribution they make to your safari experience and is always deeply appreciated!

People often ask if they should bring gifts for their rangers. Gifts in addition to the cash tip are always appreciated and give the gesture a more personal touch -- many people bring something characteristic of their home town. Some rangers have a collection of small stick pins from around the world which have been given to them by guests. If you'd like to bring food, don't bring anything with a low melting point (e.g. chocolate) as it will most likely melt during your light aircraft transfer (the luggage pods are not insulated) and end up decorating the inside of your bag. Nuts are also not a good idea due to nut allergies.

If you're returning to a camp and know the ranger or tracker personally, a personal gift for him or his family is a lovely gesture. Current magazines on subjects such as sport and photography are particularly appreciated as they are often hard to come by n the bush. If you'd like to give a gift to the camp staff, a football (soccer ball) and pump will be very welcome, as many people in South Africa are football-crazy!