Kissama National Park

    Also known as Quiçama National Park, this attraction is located 70 km south of Luanda. It became officially known as a national park on January 11, 1957. The area, which consists of grasslands and savannah, suffered greatly during the war. The park is bordered by 120 km of the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Cuanza and Longa rivers to the north and south. The total land area of the park is 9,960 square km. 

    At this point, there are buffalos, antelope, bucks and numerous bird species that call the park home.  Recent efforts have been made to re-stock the park with wildlife, including elephants donated by South Africa. Little is known about the state of the park's rhinoceros population. Off the coast, there have been manatee sightings, as well as marine turtles and terrapins.

    Accommodations at the park include thatched chalets overlooking the flood plains of the Cuanza river, complete with net-covered bed, shower, toilet and air conditioning. Plans are in the works for extensive luxury accommodations to be built at the mouth of the Cuanza river, featuring fishing, beaches, and park excursions.