Taxis are everywhere !!, 'Drop'taxis are for individual passengers,Just point to the ground and  a taxi will stop , negociate gently before getting in, 3ghc for short journeys,25 ghc Accra to Tema.[If driver is personable he will offer to be 'your' taxi for your visit and will happily hire by hour/day. Shared line taxis 1/4 of solo price, just watch street corners for other people getting in and out, point st. on or left and right, Many informal taxi ranks often in petrol stations,just ask! Note : Taxi drivers dont know streets or hotels - get directions before ,say  left after Kaneshie overhead bridge or right after VIP bus depot.Also taxis [esp the night taxis] are often in very poor condition ,if you are going far it is normal to look at the tyres and check if a/c works [only 10%].

The basic transport is the  “TroTro,  traditional  minibuses which go every where for pence.They have defined informal stops and operate from about 10 'lorry parks' . Tudu station in Accra central is one. Be brave , take one and see how locals travel squeezed together in the heat and humidity and experience the helpfulness and kindness of your fellow passengers.Note ! like the taxis the condition of the trotros is often 'falling apart at the seams'.Not reccomended for long out of town journeys ,use the excellent modern a/c VIP line ,20 ghc Accra - Kumasi ,5 hrs or trotro 8ghc 7 hrs[ yuk ] 

You can  rent a car. All the majors represented and many local ones too ,Same price as Europe or USA.Self drive NOT reccomended for first visits,You can hire a driver for a reasonable daily rate for your hire car . Driving in Accra is a challenge with few signs and kamakazie fellow drivers.If you stay longer and feel competent to drive  [ you would have to be able to cross Rome or Paris in the rush hour first ] then bring TOMTOM west africa for assistance,maps are of poor quality and out of date.Dont think of buying a vehicle for an extended stay,due to 100%+ import duties all cars are unbelievably expensive and in poor condition.