The unique consumer experience to be had in Liberia is made up of sidestreets and stalls, handicrafts and artwork, mementos and souvenirs—a trip to Monrovia virtually guarantees you will be able to bring some peculiar treasure home, and at a pretty affordable price.

Check out the shops along the minor roads of the capital, tailors here specializing in embroidered cloth and tie-dyed shirts.  Wood carvings, ebony and mahogany items, stonework, soapstone manufacture, jewels, figurines, masks, and other such handicrafts are all popular sells at artisan stalls.  One can also grab local painting, sculpture, and pottery masterpieces.  The vendors at Waterside Market also hawk good gifts.

In addition to these flavorful shops, there are air-conditioned supermarkets and stores at which you can exercise purchasing power in greater comfort.  Stores are generally open Monday through Saturday, from eight a.m. to one p.m. and from three p.m. to six p.m.

When going out to shop, however, remember to abide Islamic conventions of dress and food when in Muslim neighborhoods.  Also, tips, though unnecessary for cab drivers, are expected when dining or having fun at one of the nightlife establishments on Gurley Street or near Providence Island.