Tourism in Libya:


Libyan land is a mix of fruitful plains and the vast desert with no sweet rivers or lakes, as it totally depends on season rain falls during Autumn, winter, and spring with different amounts, or drilling deep wells for irrigation. The mountains which are formed of hard rocks extend inwards form the gate-way to the Sahara , through Al-Jabal Al-Akhdhar on the east, leading to the oases of Jalu, Oujla, and Ejkherra, then the oasis of Al-Kufra on the deep south-east ; or from Sirt through the five oases of Hun, Waddan, Sokana, Al-fugh’ha, and Zalla, which do aim to the volcanic area of Waw-Ennamous, and finally to Tibisti mountains at the farthest south , or from the west coast through Jabal Nafusa summit treasures of Yefren, Kabaw, Nalut , to the desert jewel of Ghadames at the farthest west , and along the west borders southwards to the calm oasis of Ghat with its unique traditional details, surrounded by the Acacus-Tadrart ancient sophisticated civilization of pre-historic rock-art, and together with the rock formation at Aramat, maghidat, and Maghatghat.

Tourism in Libya means discovery, enjoyment and satisfaction, and a natural scene of various values and attraction of the old and new, which will lead you through ages-old civilizations, as well as the beautiful lakes in the deserts, such as Gabroun, Ummelma, Mandara on  the Idahan Ubari sand sea , and the volcanic mountain in Waw-Ennamous, with four colorful lakes around it, Al- Haruj Mountains, and as high as the Acacus peaks and the Tasile Mountains near Ghat, is the warm welcome of the Libyan friendly people once you are here.





The tourist season starts on October, and ends by April.





You can apply for, and get it from the Libyan Embassy in your country by presenting an invitation letter from a travel agency in Libya .Or,  the second option is to collect it on arrival, at Tripoli airport or at the border. In this case you should have a previous arrangement with a travel agency by sending them your passport copy at least 10 days before arrival, regarding that your Passport must include a page of Arabic data, translated from your mother language.