Sandwich Harbour, situated 55 km south of Walvis Bay, is a truly beautiful and pristine place on the Namibian coast, one of the truly top natural highlights in Namibia. It entails difficult off-road driving to get there and there is no clear route as the prevailing afternoon winds cover yesterdays vehicle's tracks in the sand. The easier old route over the natural salt pans is no longer available, after the heaviest rainy season that Namibia experienced, last summer, swamped the salt pans and made it impossible to drive there. So if one are an experienced off-road sand driver and you can get an knowledgeable local guide to guide you there, one can drive yourself, but do not do it alone or only with one vehicle - and take a sturdy tow rope and a high lift jack along! When you hire a rental vehicle, ask if you are allowed to drive with this vehicle to Sandwich Harbour, as  some of these rental companies do not allow their vehicles to go there.

About 10 km north of the Sandwich Harbour lagoon with its abundance of birds, the high dunes of the Namibian "Sand Sea" moved right onto the beach, making it impossible to drive on the beach, except at very low tide and even then it is still a treacherous 10 km, where a vehicle easily gets stuck. If your vehicle get stuck and you do not get help, your vehicle will be taken by the waves breaking against the dunes. And when your party are at the Sandwich Harbour lagoon, you cannot stay too long and must always heed the rising tide to prevent getting cut off by the sea.

Make certain when you book with your guide, that it will be low tide when you get there, else you will not be able to get nearer than 10 km from Sandwich Harbour and if it is not a very clear day, you won't even be able to see the bay from the high dunes. Ask the guide/ booking office pertinently if you/they will be able to reach the lagoon.

So it is absolutely essential, if you want to visit Sandwich Harbour and the lagoon, to when planning your holiday, plan your visit to the coast when it is low tide during the middle of the day and to get a local guide to take you there. You also need to get a permit to visit, from the local office of the Ministry of Enviroment and Tourism, as it is situated in the Namib Naukluft Park.

 But do go, it is an absolute natural wonder and only one of two places on earth where one get massive dunes right on the ocean, with breathtaking views and a dream for a bird enthusiast.