Women should note that Ugandan women rarely wear trousers. Not unless you are at a party in the city (even so, the trend is slowly changing). They usually wear skirts or dresses that cover the knees. Sandals are popular even though it's astounding that they walk around in heeled sandals given the uneven sidewalks and dirt roads. They also usually wear sleeved items. The kitenge is a very useful traditional dress because at one point or another you'll be squatting to go potty and pants are a very problematic item to be wearing when you need to do so.

Originally, the women in Uganda wore a locally tailored dress, commonly known as "Kitenge". This name originated from the former Zaire country currently known as DRC (Democratic Republic if Congo) where all females, including young girls wore Kitege as dress code. School unifoms for young girls and boys were made to resemble Kitenge attire and some men copied this so as they could easily identify with the rest of their family. This attire moved down to Uganda and become the order of the day. Today however, women have been emanipated and are free to drees which ever way they find approprate. Needless to add, the Kitenge is still popular in some parts of the country.

Then came the 'Lesu' era. The origin of Lesu into Uganda is still debatable. Women still use Lesu for day to day use. some times they use it as a scarf to keep warm.