When in Kovalam (Kerala, India) it is so easy to call home to England, (code 0044 take off the first zero of the area code.) It's very very cheap you can spend half an hour chatting updating friends & family how things are going in this diverse and addictive village for about £1 (GBP).

If you want a mobile it easy enough as long as you have a photocopy of your passport - I bought an Indiacom (only for use in India) in Hospet, Karnataka for 1600 (IRS) approx £20 & that included £2 credit, you can talk to anyone who has an Indiacom phone for free & it's still cheap to use to other phones.

If you fancy taking your mobile to India that's no problem either, make sure your get your supplier to turn off your answer machine facility before you leave the country & then take out your SIM card in the UK (if you do this abroad your supplier will know & charge you roaming, when you land in India go to any phone shop & get them to unlock your mobile (if not already done) & buy a SIM card & credit & away you go but on India prices.


Keeping in touch with your dear and near ones abroad is easy in Inda. There are local phone booths in every nook and corner of the country and International call rates are relatively cheap. Avoid calling from your hotel as they are expensive. If you prefer to carry a mobile phone there are various network suppliers from whom you can purchase a SIM and credit cards to suit your pocket. Please remember that call charges vary according to time here. Off-peak hours are normally after dark which is very much cheap than normal day calls.

You can also use internet cafes, now quite widespread, to use Voice over IP which is cheap and fairly reliable. 

00 ( zero zero )  is the international Access (Dial) Code you use to call overseas from 'within' India. 

91 ( nine one ) is the international Country ( Calling ) Code for India.

This is a large listing of India City ( STD ) Codes:

  • Amritsa (0) 18 
  • Chennai_Madras (0) 44
  • Delhi (0) 11
  • Kolkata_Calcutta (0)  33
  • Mumbai_Bombay  (0) 22
  • New Delhi (0) 11