Easy card is the equivalent to Octopus card in Hong Kong or Oyster in London. It can be bough at any MRT station or even at the airport. It is a must when you travel to Taipei. The card can be loaded in the machines with a minimum of TWD 100 and used to pay travel fares. It saves time while travelling on MRT as well as give you a cheaper fare.

The card can be used in some shops like 7/11s and can be charged as and when necessary, the n when you leave Taipei you can get back whatever you  haven’t used minus a small deduction or just simple spend your balance in a shop.

However, buying an MRT tourist day-pass (悠游卡观光护照) may not be good value if you walk a lot and take your time touring one spot. A 1-day pass costs NTD180. It's possible to spend NTD100 each day on public transport. MRT is cheap. Taipei station all the way up north to Tamsui (淡水) is only NTD50 one way.