Thailand is a fantastic destination for families and kids. It is different and unique enough to be an engaging and rich environment for young minds. It has a well developed tourist infrastructure that makes getting around the country, booking hotels and enjoying many adventurous activities easy and manageable. Highlights for families include:

  • Bangkok - so much to do, see and shopping
  • Phuket - a great mix of beaches and family-friendly attractions
  • Hua Hin - a great beach destination a few hours by train by Bangkok
  • Koh Samui - fantastic beaches and great food
  • Railay, Krabi - an idyllic beach resort with everything from rock climbing to kayaking
  • Chiang Mai - a great base for exploring the northern parts of Thailand
  • Pattaya : Even many tourist recognize Pattaya as Sin city and nightlife. But it is worth considering for family visit. If you stay away from walking street and central & south Pattaya, it is fine for small kids. There are load of activities and place to visit for kids such as Ramayana Water Park, Siracha Tiger Zoon, Underwater world, Laser Buddha, Mimosa, Floating market and many more.