Important advice if your plan is to have a holiday in Thailand and decided to hire a motorbike :
 If you are an inexperienced motorcyclist, think twice before hiring one.


 The price for rent a motorbike 125cc is around 150bath-250bath per day, not more than those.


 Some rental shops ask for your passaport like a deposit for the motorbike, DO NOT GIVE TO THEM!!! Better if you look for some other  shops that do not ask for the passport ,they will ask you only the copy of your passport.


 If you hire a motorbike, make sure to buy the insurance because is not included in the daily price for rent motorbike.


 Although a drivers license and a crash helmet are legal requirements, very few road users have both.


 There are only one insurance in thailand for rent motorbike and start from 150bath per day and cover (driver, passanger , motorbike, third  part and bail bond) and can be get it ONLY online on


 In some shop is popular offer other kind of "insurance" which cover only the motorbike and the price is 200bath or even 300bath per day.  That "insurance" is not approved by the Thai governament so cannot be called insurance , it is a smart way for ask more money to the  tourists, so ask always to see the policy of the insurance and how much is the coverage.



 In the event of an accident without insurance you will have to pay or overpay for the damage to the hired bike,because for the rental shop it is  popular overcharge 2 or 3 times the spare parts damaged from the tourists.


 The local Police are not a lot of help, their thinking is, "If you were not here it would not have happened".


 Do what you know is right. Just because someone else comes at you on the wrong side of the road with no lights on does not mean that  you have to do the same.Wear always the helmet even if some people don't, if police stop you without helmet , you must pay 500bath  plus 500bath if even your passenger do not wear the helmet. Is also usual for the Thai people pass you on the left side and not on right  side wich is the correct side and not risk to have a front accident.


 The roads are getting better, but some may still be poor and a moderate fall of rain could produce localised flooding. Beneath the water  there could be dangerous potholes, broken road surfaces, sunken drain-covers, or drains with no covers at all.