A private villa offers you, your family and friends a true Thailand experience with more space, more comfort, less formal, more privacy and personal service.

Renting a private villa or apartment is great value as expenses for food and drink, snacks, laundry, overseas telephone and fax etc are usually charged at cost and are therefore much lower compared with a hotel.

If you calculate the rate on a per bedroom or per person basis there is quite a considerable saving to be realised by renting a private villa. A hotel does not usually come close to the experience of renting your very own private villa. Short term rental rates in Thailand are extremely attractive when compared with elsewhere in the world for similar quality.


Search online for opportunities and try to book directly (full pre-payment is often required), so ensure the house is of a quality you are comfortable with and offers the services you require.

Private short term rentals are particularly recommended for those who wish to get away from the major tourist centres, and are looking for  personalised service (as most houses have their own in villa employee).


  • Lower expenses when calculated on a per person basis, especially when travelling as 2 or more.
  • better and more spacious accommodation and facilities
  • Ultimate privacy
  • More opportunity to interact with local people
  • Lower cost of living with incidentals (e.g.Food & Beverage items) are often provided at or near cost unlike hotels
  • Self Catering, arranging your own food incase of special diets

Many villas, be they stand alone or part of a resort, can also offer services like meals, drinks, laundry, guides, and maid services, either free of charge or at a reasonible addtional fee.


Some villas can be very large (6 to 9 berooms) and perfect for larger groups. Some larger properties offer reduced rates for lower occupancy.

Most villas have a minimum stay of 2 to 7 days, some can be up to one month.

Not all villas are "child friendly", ensure the one you choose is safe for children (especially villas in the hills)

Other Uses:

  • Weddings, some villas have spacious grounds able to accommodate large parties.
  • Family reunions
  • Birthday Parties
  • Honeymoons
  • Corporate retreat

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