In response to some hotel reviews here on Trip Advisor about Thai locations: 

It seems some people who travel to Thailand and are not really prepared for what they are in for.

Some people seem to have quite high expectations from  their budget accommodation. Such rooms usually cost around AU$20-$30 (THB500-800)  for a clean and comfortable place, but it is likely to have some quirks.

People have to understand that in Thailand they just do not have the same standards and regulations, they do not have the strict government building regulations and health and hygiene regulations that people are used to at home. These things cost money and to have them would seriously impact on room rates for a start.

This is not always the case, but the fact is, you get what you pay for. You may have to subject yourself to musty smells, water damaged carpets, noisy air conditioners (very common complaint), mosquitos, even noisy neighbours if you are going for cheaper accommodation. 

Do not expect Thai people to be too sympathetic to your complaints about these trivial things, the conditions they live in are often far worse, some hotel staff may see tourists as just spoilt foreigners living in luxury and complaining about it.

If you break something (ash-tray, glass etc), you will be expected to pay for it not matter what the circumstances. If you do not pay, then one of the hotel employee's will likely bear the cost themselves. In Australia, if you receive bad service, you may often be given some form of compensation. In Thailand, no matter what kind of service you receive, you will have to pay.  The Thai people see anger and arguing as a weakness and doing this will get you nowhere.

Basically, do not go over to Thailand expecting things to be the same as they are at home.  It is a developing country without strict rules and regulations regarding buildings, advertising and hygiene. With minimum wage standards as low as THB4000 (AU$140) per MONTH, it is understandable that reception staff at your budget hotel that you're arguing with, are often not being paid enough to care.

If you are not prepared to deal with a bit of culture shock, stay at home.