Ever since the portion where ZEN was at CentralWorld was burnt, the earlier government has opened up new areas for the many small shop owners there to run a night bazzar along Sukhumvit road. However, many other unlicenced vendors moved in to occupy the spaces allocated, so much so that sections of the alleys in Siam Square were closed off, and new shops opened to allowed the displaced shop owners to run their business.

As such, there are now a wide variety of goods to choose from just below Siam Centre BTS along Sukhumvit Road and insde Siam Square. Prices are not so easy to bargain nowadays, with the many vendors refusing to budge with no more than 10-20 bhat discount. But many are still a bargain. When it rained, it washes away the vendors' ability to make a sale, but they are a rather determined lot, staying out under the canvas, and moves their wares willingly when a car moves up to enter into the basement carpark, and then moving back into place again. No one loses their temper, A cohesive lot indeed. Enterprising vendors also hawk their wares on the bridge leading to the walkway under the BTS.

A dress for 350Bhat, and once sold, is no longer available the next day. Some are simple T shirts wth fluffy sleeves sewed on, and a lacy wrap around skirt added to the hem, to make it into a T Shirt dress. Enterprising! You will see more locals shopping along the street at night, as these are people after school or work, and make their way to shop for bargains while opposite, the swanky Siam Paragon beckons. Still, the locals throng the streets, or the shopping centres opposite, and they do not look out of place at all.

Always an excitement to revisit Siam Square and its bazaar after being away for a while!