This temple is not close to the town but is well worth the trip. It is dedicated to the four sacred footprints of Buddha (source of the name of the temple) that you will see in one of the buildings of this complex.

Most relevant in the site are the footprints of course. They are 4, of different dimensions and partially overlapping, with the biggest one approx. 3mt x 2mt. They stay in a dedicated building. 

the footprints

Another masterpiece of the complex is a temple which would say is the perfect example of a thai temple, prefectly decorated with gold inside and outside, standing in the middle of a wide and elegant terrace.


All the complex is set in the middle of the forest of the mountains in the north of Chiang Mai.

The road to reach the temple (approx. 50km from the town) is all good enough, even the last 20km which are a path of two lanes of concrete all curves climbing the mountains but  well done and preserved. It is possible to get to the temple by car or motorbike (even better).

Have to take road 107 to Mae Rim  for 15km from the intersection with road 11. then turn left (beware the sign with the name of the temple is not so big and the road is not so visible). then other 15km through little villages in the countriside, then turn left for the concrete road. Along all the road there are little yellow signs with the image of the footprints to show the direction so it's difficult to lose. All the effort to reach the temple will be rewarded with an immersion in one of the most remarkable buddhist complex in all Thailand. A beautiful place to have a rest in peace and contemplation.