1.    Hoan Kiem Lake (in the early morning or evening):

This is a lake located in the centre of Hanoi and is considered as one of the most beautiful places in Hanoi. The Lake is famous for a legend associated with Vietnam’s tradition of protecting the country. Hoan Kiem Lake in the morning or evening’s beauty attracts anyone everyone who has comes there.

2.    Museum of Ethnology and or the Vietnam's Women's Museum:

These are the two famous museums in Hanoi. Museum of Ethnology attracts tourists by objects and documents of ethnic groups in Vietnam. With Its large space with many exciting activities, Museum of Ethnology is extremely an attractive destination for residents locals and visitors. Vietnam Women's Museum is a fascinating place in the capital of Vietnam. Vietnam WomenThis museum are is known with for strong personality. The Mmuseum honors the personalities of Vietnamese women with objects and documents collected from the historypast to modern life.

3.    Local beer called “bia hơi”:

Beer is the an important beverage for men in Vietnam. Vietnamese who have regular low income not often come to luxurious restaurants to drink beer, they instead choose a more suitable way to drink beer., iIt's "bia hoi". After a day of work, men often sit down with friends or colleagues and drinking "bia hoi." They talk to each other and share information while drinking “bia hoi” and then return to their family. "Bia hoi" is served in the restaurant from small to large on the street or indoor.

4.    Water Puppet Show:

Water puppet show is considered as a symbol of art in Vietnam in general and northern Vietnam in particular. You will surely be impressed by this form of art. The small puppet which skillfully controlled underwater by artists combine with amazing vocal of singers, musicians playing traditional instruments make water puppet show becomes very special and cannot be forgotten.

5.    Temple of Literature:

Temple of Literature is known as the first university of Vietnam. There are still a lot of documents and objects demonstrate the long-term of development and growth of education in Vietnam. This is a very attractive destination for residents locals and tourists in Vietnam on normal days or on holidays.

6.    Cyclo ride through the Old Streets:

"Cyclo" is the a special transport in Vietnam that nowhere in the world has. Visiting Old Quarter on comfortable and safe “cyclo” quite is a very interesting thing. There are many companies providing “cyclo” service but the best way is that you should book cyclo tour through the travel company to ensure the price and the route you want to go. There are some companies can help you to do that such as: Travelfish, Topas Travel, Hanoi Travel Sky. but wWith my experience, I think EViva Tour  is the best among them. This is company you can get offer a good quality of service as well as the suitable number of “cyclo” you need.

7.    Ho Chi Minh complex including: the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ho Chi Minh Museum, and the President’s Palace:

President Ho Chi Minh is the great man of Vietnam and is widely admired across the world. Ho Chi Minh Complex including Museums, Mausoleum, and President Palace is the resting place for President and show materials and objects of the President Ho Chi Minh. Come to this complex is a chance to learn more about life and, about the amazing  personalities of the President Ho Chi Minh in particular and the people of Vietnam in general.
8.    Bargaining and Shopping in Hanoi’s Old Quarter or market:

Bargaining is a very special thing of the market culture in Vietnam. Go to the a local market and the old town quarter area for shopping and bargaining with sellers is interesting experience for you. You can purchase your favorite items with a price that you can be satisfied. That is great indeed.

9.      Visit the late night flower market:

Not too far outside Hanoi's old quarter is Hanoi's fabulous flower market. It takes place starting at about 3 am and you will have a chance to experience the bustling, naturally-perfumed market place and buy beautiful flowers.

10.    Have “Phở” (noodle soup):

"Pho" (noodle soup) is very popular dish in Hanoi that makes everyone like it and even addicted to it. There are many other places in Vietnam but only in Ha Noi, Pho have has the most amazing taste.