Defining the skyline of Ho Chi Minh City, Bitexco Financial Tower stands right at the heart of the city’s Central Business District. With its inspirational design and world-class presence, it is a true icon built to symbolize a nation’s aspirations and the limitless potential of a thriving cosmopolitan city.

At 262 meters, HCM City’s Bitexco Financial Tower is Ho Chi Minh City’s tallest building. Designed by New York Architect Carlos Zapata; whose inspiration for this daring design was drawn from the Lotus bud, a flower of great significance to Vietnam.

The Bitexco Financial Tower consists of commercial office space located in the 68 storey tower, an adjoining 6 storey retail podium serviced by 3 basements.  In addition there is a public observation deck on floor 49 with the city’s premier dinning establishments on floors 50 and 51 with an executive membership club on floor 52 where the heli-pad is located.

See the bigger picture from the high point of Ho Chi Minh City, Bitexco Financial Tower’s observatory deck (Saigon Skydeck). Admission tickets are 200,000 VND (about $10) per person.

You will enjoy stunning 360-degree views of the cityscape and the Saigon River. Destined to be the highlight of any trip to Vietnam, visitors can experience a “top-of-the-world” feeling and get a closer look at the spectacular sight by the binocular stands.

About the Bitexco Financial Tower - Ho Chi Minh City's New Icon

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Turner International provided construction management services for the 68-story office tower.

HCM City. Jan 27, 2011. The Saigon Times Weekly talked to the Bitexco Group's Chairman Vu Quang Hoi over the idea and difficulties during the project construction of its 68-story Bitexco Financial Tower in HCM City's center. Five years of construction, putting into service the city's tallest building with 37,000 square meters of office space and 8,000 square meters of retail space. Excerpts:

Q: How did you get inspired to use the lotus flower in the architectural design for this skyscraper?

The young generation of Vietnamese intends to help lift the country’s stature in the international arena, determined to integrate into the world while maintaining Vietnamese identity. So the image of the lotus bud, considered by many as Vietnam’s national flower, is the main inspiration for the architectural design.

The tower is completed as Vietnam is on its way to recover from the global financial crisis. This coincides with an increasing demand from multinational business circles for office space.

Any city you can think of has its iconic buildings. For example in Singapore, it’s Marina Bay — an icon for entertainment. In HCM City, the Bitexco Financial Tower will be something that everyone remembers and keeps them reminded of Ho Chi Minh City.

With help from international contractors and project partners, there was a review and to some extent rewrite of existing building regulations, with new and stringent benchmarks never-before-seen in Vietnam’s construction industry.

The building symbolizes Vietnam’s integration into the international marketplace. The purpose of BFT is to attract companies wishing to have a foothold and offer their best services in the Vietnamese market. There will be similar projects in the near future, using the same standards for international investors in Vietnam.

Already, some pressing ahead with a plan to develop a mixed-used project named Ben Thanh Towers in the downtown. As designed, all under one roof are sections for office, residential apartments, and a hotel and retail space. The project has a total investment capital of $ 400 million and is scheduled for completion by 2015.

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Q. Can you tell us why you decided to take this on and your own impressions of Vietnam?
A. "The decision was two-fold. One was Mr. Hoi, Chairman of Bitexco Group
. Meeting him was very inspiring. At first, I was skeptical because I didn't want to put in all the effort of designing something that wouldn't get built. In fact, previously, I would never have thought of being invited to design a high-rise building in Vietnam. However, after talking with Mr. Hoi, I understood how serious he was about developing a powerful building here. He deserves a lot of credit for doing this the right way. The second reason was Vietnam. I love this place. Once you love a place you can really commit to a project like this. The people here in Vietnam have a very positive attitude and are extremely forward thinking."   

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Poor soil conditions presented a major challenge to the design of this tall tower; Ho Chi Minh City is on the alluvial plain of the Mekong Delta of the Saigon River. The extremely poor soil conditions are further complicated by a high water table since the building site is one block from the Saigon River. An aggressive schedule and tight site constraints provided additional complexities. The weight of this tall building required very deep foundations. Comprehensive initial studies and subsurface explorations were performed to form a basis of the foundation design and to estimate foundation settlement. Shannon + Wilson, the international geotechnical consultant, performed a finite element computer analysis of the soil-structure interaction below the tower footprint. The time dependent characteristics of the settlement were studied to understand the ways in which the settlement could be expected to affect the structure and the architectural finishes during and after construction. The maximum predicted settlement was determined to be approximately 4 inches (100 mm).

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