Hue was the scenery for the crucial battle of the 1968 Tet offensive. Many books have been written by officiers, soldiers, media correspondents with their own personal viewpoint of that battle in which American troops were involved in fierce fighting.

- Fire in the Streets:The battle for Hue Tet 1968 by Eric Hammel chronicles the man-to-man fight on the streets of Hue where American troops strived to alienate North Vietnamese's chains of supply.

- Battle for Hue: Tet 1968 by Keith Nolan also gives a chronicle of the battle.

- In Phase Line Green: The Battle for Hue, 1968, Nicholas Warr tells the story of the battle for Hue from the inside, himself being a Marine who participated in the events. Warr describes the loyalty of the Marines to the cause and to their comrades.

- The Cat from Hue: A Vietnam War Story is John Laurence account of the war as seen by a war correspondent. His  chronicle is precise, and his depiction of events, vivid.