Be wary of taxi drivers who pick you up at the airport in Almarty, Kazakhstan

We paid the hotel to send a driver to pick us up. a guy found us and told us he was taking us to the hotel when we got out to the carpark he had a car too small for the 5 of us so he quickly found a mate with a minibus and they both proceeded to take us to the hotel fortunatly we had a translator who overheard them talking about our payment to them. When challenged they said that was the fee so our translator promptly rang the hotel and it turns out that these 2 guys were not sent by the hotel but by the driver (thats why they knew our names) they promptly turned around when we refused to pay and took us back to the airport where we waited 1 hour for the hotel driver

 the scam is

 The driver gets these a driver to pick us up and take us to the hotel he charges us again for the fare that we already paid to the hotel and splits it with the hotel driver who is also paid by the hotel......simple but effective the old double payment method  !!